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Let the Games Begin

Posted by Simone Harwood on Apr 7, 2014 12:01:30 PM

ALAW has formed an Employee Engagement Committee that will roll out a firmwide and year-long activity program.  ALAW, already dedicated to its staff, continues to invest in its employees by launching this program.   

The Engagement Committee is comprised of a diverse group of managers and staff working together to promote teamwork and staff appreciation, starting with Sportsfest on April 26, 2014.    

This investment by the firm and committee is a small sample emblematic of the ALAW environment.  Being an ALAW employee means being elite in one’s craft; trained by fearless and experienced leaders, ALAW employees are masters of navigating through multiple client status systems.  Being an ALAW employee means investing in both oneself and the firm, accepting nothing less than 100% in client, court and file services.    

Proof of our nonpareil service is the staunch SCRA/PACER Department’s recent completion of client-mandated reporting through use of “Rube”.  Rube allows us to provide client SCRA/PACER requirements for reporting purposes; the end product is the entire workload for the day.  The report is run multiple times during the day in order to capture new files, resulting in multiple departments completing a triggering step.

Shared Services Department’s great achievement is the development and implementation of Dashboard Reporting.  Dashboards allow an instant overview of specified metrics to ensure files are prioritized on all levels.  The user clicks an individual metric and the detail report produces those files contained within that standard allowing for immediate identification of pending files at risk or out of standard. Information is updated hourly.

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